Why “relaxing” makes me anxious…

Ugh. I’m beyond frustrated with myself right now.  My semester is completed (early–Yay!) and all semester I’ve been looking forward to this moment when I can finally take a week or two off from working and give my mind a break.  That was the idea, anyway.  Instead, after only two days of “relaxing,” I find myself continuously guilty and anxious about NOT working even though that is the plan.  I seem unable to achieve that work/life balance necessary for a successful and happy life.  I purchased a Gaslamp anthology, intended originally as a way to transition from my “fun” reading back to my academic work (I’m currently really intrigued by Neo-Victorian literature and the idea of a course that pairs Victorian with Neo-Victorian works), but now I’m wondering if I need this text to transition INTO relaxing, to move away from my academic research and concerns so I can take a mental break and return to my dissertation refreshed. It seems an odd dilemma.

Any suggestions on just letting go of the work and taking a guilt-free break?


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