HabitRPG: I (aka my avatar) Died!

Since beginning my archival research on the Victorian literary annual, I have been exhausted. Simply exhausted. The Bell Library, which houses the Wilson Library Special Collections and Rare Books, is only open from noon to five o’clock during the summer, and yet even as little as three hours of research knocks me out, and it’s not just due to the quality of the texts I’m reading (most are fascinating but there are admittedly some doozies that could easily put a reader to sleep).

Yet other than my general fatigue, my research has had a most disastrous effect on my HabitRPG success since this morning I died (gasp!).

HabitRPG.com Avatar

My Avatar (dressed as a mermaid and riding a desert wolf)

I’ve been falling behind on my habits and dailies the last few weeks and my health bar has consequently been dropping. This was, however, avoidable, had I been paying attention (I could have bought a health potion to stave off death). Alas, I hadn’t realized my precarious position and failed to do so.

Dramatics aside, “death” in the game is not so bad I’m finding. I lost a level (no big deal), 1 item (in my case an arch mage hat that can easily be repurchased), and all my gold (sad but again, not a big deal).

But it was enough of a shock to (hopefully) re-motivate me to push past the exhaustion to be productive. (Although I make no guarantees…Even as I write this, I would love to go back to bed.)

Moreover, the question I had regarding what happens when your HabitRPG avatar dies has been answered. 🙂


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