Colloquium Presentation at University of St. Thomas

prezi, letitia landon, LEL, Literary Annual, Fairy Tales

My Prezi (image only–link below)

So I’ve completed my first invited talk, “Marry for Money: Love in Letitia Elizabeth Landon’s Letters and Fairy Tales”–yay! It was exhausting to speak for so long in addition to the prep, so today is mostly a day off. But sharing my research and seeing old professors and new students was a blast. I absolutely love the St. Thomas’s English department faculty and staff, and since I was a student there for six years for my BA and MA, I think my continuing love for the department says a lot. That the faculty and staff continue to care about me years after I graduated is equally notable. 🙂

Now that I’ve gushed over my alma mater, I’ll leave this post with the Prezi that accompanied my presentation (links below since I seem unable to get the prezi embedded) and a photo from the event.


2 thoughts on “Colloquium Presentation at University of St. Thomas

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