10457553_10100280241111762_2904416568390883277_nI’m currently a Ph.d candidate working on my dissertation in English Literature at Wayne State University. My dissertation, entitled Sowing Seeds of Subversion: Nineteenth-Century British Women Writers’ Subversive Use of Fairy Tales and Folklore, reveals and analyzes a tradition of proto-feminist fairy-tale writings by nineteenth-century British women published between 1833 and 1894. As excited as I am about my dissertation topic, the dissertation process and accompanying job search is overwhelming, to say the least. Hence the (re)creation of this blog to document my academic progress and make note of ideas for future research and/or teaching.

I’m also using this website as a digital record of my job-search materials, including my curriculum vitae, teaching philosophy, sample teaching materials, and research descriptions.

I can be contacted @ shandi(dot)wagner(at)wayne(dot)edu or via the form below.

PS: Readers might notice that this blog has changed more than once, beginning as a course blog for a graduate class on book history and then again more recently for a practicum on teaching literature and cultural studies. My coursework is now officially and forever (I think) complete, so I am once more redirecting my blog to be relevant for my present needs.


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